Being present in the constant change of the feeling mind, the holy state of oneness of the universal feeling mind unites everyone around it into the state of the divine spirit of wisdom, justice, faith, and love by virtue of its wisdom, justice, faith, and love.

Knowledge of the past, coded in the soul with our own feeling mind, always acts in our subconsciousness, and we make use of it when choosing an opportunity that creates the future. As we make this choice, the old knowledge is always in competition with the new one: while an individual sees and registers everything happening at the present, his subconsciousness prompts him about what has already happened earlier, for our memory is always more attached to yesterday’s knowledge. This perpetual conflict gives rise to a cre­ative action and exploration for something new – not realized yet, but perceived already.

Success of life on Earth depends on the link between the conscious and subconscious of our souls, on the level of development of beyond the subconscious of all of humanity, which incites the desire in us to be conscious, harmoniously developed creatures, capable of making positive changes in any part of the organism of the galaxy. Any conscious, although not tangible to the world of our galaxy, could accept the creatures which have developed the universal collective consciousness of the spirit of soul on Earth.

It is very important to realize consciously that the spirit of our soul constantly improves by virtue of the duality that harmoniously finds its place in our organism. All forces circulate in the spiritual structure of an ever life-changing consciousness – feelings and mind – created and developed by us to the state of self-awareness. We realize this structure as the spiritual structure of body, with the soul acting on Heaven and Earth at the very same moment, as if in an hourglass – in the subtle creation of feelings and mind – in the human.

The souls that undergo conscious transformation have the greatest effect on the spirit of soul of the body of the galaxy. Such souls are the first to recognize their personal spiritual state. Such a spirit of the conscious feeling mind helps them, in future lives, to develop the values that become common. Even if not formalized by the rules established by individual humans, the spirit of common values naturally acts everywhere according to the Divine pattern of interaction between the forces of nature in oneness of unity. The spirit of galaxy responding to actions by these humans comprises the spirit of common divine vibrations of souls that helps the less prepared souls to perform transmutation in their respective state, so that their spirit could attain a higher level.

There is always an interaction between the tangible, visible world and the invisible, subtle world. In this duality, the third develops and is referred to by us as the good of the Holy Spirit or the evil of the evil spirit.

Love, like tolerance, is indispensable for the spirit of a growing child’s soul, as tolerance can neutralise the karmic mistakes formed by mutual imperfection in the relationships between the child’s parents and grandparents, thus strengthening the feeling of universal harmony in the world.

Disregard by both the old and the young generations of harmonious mutual relationships is evidence of a poor realization by both of them regarding the integrity of the world. Humans simply do not know about the harm they cause to themselves, to their children, about how they ruin each other’s health, when they reject those close to them, at the same time breaking the innate blood relationship.

The humans who realize the harmonious essence of interaction between the heavenly and earthly elements, are guided by the attraction of harmonious love accumulated in their souls in different lives, and, just having left their bodies, they can move to the structures of the subtlety that is incomprehensible to the human mind.

Vibrations of substances of energy of different subtlety – of the subtle soul and material body – come together in the human. In other words, the energies that bring together the spirit of the heavenly and earthly elements interact with each other, forming the spirit of a human’s – God’s child’s – body according to the law of interaction between the subtle (heavenly) and material (earthly) worlds.