Love, like tolerance, is indispensable for the spirit of a growing child’s soul, as tolerance can neutralise the karmic mistakes formed by mutual imperfection in the relationships between the child’s parents and grandparents, thus strengthening the feeling of universal harmony in the world.

Mutual relationships between people who are close are passed on to the future generations. As soon as we become capable of grasping the relationship between generations with consciously realized feelings, we start understanding the links of the continuous, uninterrupted change of Heaven and Earth that move in mutual relationships in the integral spirit under the figure-eight trajectory.


Parents who do not understand the key principles of life love their child no matter what, until the very last moment, for they intuitively feel the relationship of blood spirit deep in their soul. One should know that children’s and parents’ souls that share the strongest relationship, at some point experience a state of rebellion, or the state of a ‘fallen angel’. Parents feel that their child’s soul refines their feeling of love as well. Love that is enhanced consciously helps maintain the relationship among grandparents, parents and children’s souls even beyond the material form. Even the parents and children who do not realize the essence behind the feeling of love instinctively lean towards each other with their bodies or spirit of souls. Only the feeling of love, the awareness of which is growing, and which is expressed with greater clarity is capable of giving rise – in the subtle world of feelings – to the clearly realized love relationship of the conscious feeling mind that stretches throughout and across the ages and prepares the divine soul for being born in future generations.

Those who have a strong uninterrupted love relationship with the spiritual world of souls of those who are closest to them, who have passed away, by working together on the subtle level, are capable of helping form the positive egregore of the spirit of oneness of unity among the humans living on Earth, the feeling spreading the spirit of divinity that everyone benefits from, as this spirit enlightens the atmosphere of the world for humanity to join the family of all galaxies. Therefore, in our lifetime, we should develop mutual relationships between family members of all of humanity for all our souls to form the spirit of oneness of unity creating the shared feeling of the state of wisdom, justice, faith and love of the entire planet in the soul of every human on Earth.