‚Every human being on earth is a businessman, for earth is the place where the business of his or her perfection is takins place.‘

Augustinas Rakauskas

Business is interesting in the way it permeates all the spheres of life. In business you face your closest people and you really see them in a new light. In business you face good and bad employees, and you are to get acquainted with them anew. In business you get to know the surrounding society and have a chance to evaluate it. Setting up your business you run into good as well as not perfect laws, and understand how and by whom your country is being governed. However, the most interesting and profitable thing in business is the evaluation of your own capabilities, as you are to know yourself anew as well. I believe that there is no single place in the world without business. The only difference lies in the nature of the riches that may be material and spiritual. However, all of them are achieved by means of entrepreneurship following the same laws.

‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ 11-12 page