Being present in the constant change of the feeling mind, the holy state of oneness of the universal feeling mind unites everyone around it into the state of the divine spirit of wisdom, justice, faith, and love by virtue of its wisdom, justice, faith, and love.

Each of us acts within his own organism and
the organism of the whole of humanity

1. We feel the spirit that stems from relationships between us and other
humans. As we analyse these relations and make logical conclusions, we
transform ourselves inside and outside.
2. The newly emerging state of soul.
3. Universal acceptance within a COMMUNITY.
4. The feeling of realization of the state of oneness.

Process of evolution of the Spirit of Soul that takes
place under the condition of equilibrium within the feeling
mind in the course of the Eternal Change

Our new feeling mind at a higher level of development stops fitting the boundaries of previous thoughts and feelings at some point. This is the moment when we develop the feeling that causes the limit of knowledge to expand and the realization in the harmonious equilibrium, taking us to the conscious and unconscious domain of conclusions. We never stop turning the wheel of life processes until we move to a higher level.

Our feeling mind is driven by new knowledge, expanding the field of knowledge that overlaps with the greater uniform field of oneness of unity beyond the subconscious, when the time comes. This field, again, drives a new, deeper and wider field of friction of the feeling mind by enhancing the capacities to perceive the meaning of life.

May your outlook be wide and your ascent be higher!
You must grow to develop.

We are the ones who draw the boundaries of our understanding, for we are humans – the spirit which engages its feelings and its mind for the sake of unity among Heaven and Earth.

The spirit of wisdom, justice, faith and love helps expand
the spirit of the outer and inner world

The Human community is a harmonious net of oneness of unity
woven continuously by knots of relationships between humans

Escape from Your own limited world of the spirit of soul! Join the spirit of oneness of unity of the entire world! You will only find the way out of the darkness of the labyrinth that You have built yourself, only by feeling and thinking, thinking and feeling, elevating Your soul to the state of unity between Heaven and Earth.

Spirit of oneness of unity

Spirit – in the name of the Father
Spirit – in the name of the Son
Spirit – in the name of the higher spirit of oneness of unity

Light realized by us

Darkness imagined by us

The established equilibrium of oneness of unity in mutual relations between humans makes planet Earth identical to the information energy contained in the light of the Sun. This energy carries the equilibrium of harmony, where humans’ dual trinity forms the growing spirit of oneness between Heaven and Earth.

What does the spirit of the Crucifix spread?
One should fulfil the scheme permeated with the spirit of oneness of unity of the body of the world in order to understand the integrity of the dual trinity. Try to realize yourself, as the linking spirit of feeling and mind that unites everything and that the world needs in order to be integral.

The state of soul is the free all-encompassing spirit, and the level of the scope of understanding of it depends on the level of development of the feeling mind. The possibility to come together into oneness of unity provided by Level 9 should be relevant for everyone today: 3 x 3 = 9
God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in their unity provide the possibility to attain the ninth level of the spirit of soul.

Three “8” – trinity in the subtle world in the state of harmony
Three “X” – trinity in the Holy Spirit
Three “S” – trinity in the heavenly and earthly matter

The state of soul that is continuously cultivated and developed spreads wisdom, justice, faith and love with the feeling mind to the ever-changing outside. It is by delving deeper that we can develop the ability to make use of the earthly possibilities.


The soul exists to continuously transform the spiritual
potential of a developing state.

The dual sensory state of oneness of the feeling mind of a human
who lives completely consciously
(beyond the subconscious – feeling – consciousness)

Aspiration for the divine wisdom, justice, faith and love in
the change of the spirit of Heaven the Earth

Spirit of the universal consciousness

Continuously newly experienced spiritual change of the thought
of the feeling mind that has not been set free yet

Energy vibrations of the feeling mind: to the left – the state controlled by unconscious desires, to the right – intermediate, transitional state, in the middle – the state of the feeling mind of the human who refines the spirit of soul of humanity and correlates to the spirit of the world in the state of harmony.

The scheme of the spirit of oneness of unity held by the community which is developing in the dual trinity

The law of evolution on the global level (top)
and on the level of spirit of one human’s feeling mind (bottom)

Just one more step towards harmony, and everything will fall into its places in the consciously realized heavenly and earthly spirit.

The cycle of evolution in development of the harmonious spirit of soul in the aspiration for progress of all areas in the process of revolution in the great wheel of spirit created by the ever-conscious divine harmony, the wheel that takes the soul to existence of the concept of Divinity, when the body of the entire galaxy is felt with the divinity mind.

Out of the spirit of the 8th level, the spirit of the 9th level emerges and is
oriented towards the subtle world. This is how humanity steps
into the level of a much subtler constitution.