The newspaper The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

In October 2000, company newspaper ‘Pabendraukime’ (Let’s Talk) was first published at the initiative of Augustinas Rakauskas, the former president of former Senukų prekybos centras, UAB. Since 2001, it was supervised by Augustinas’ son Artūras Rakauskas who took over the President’s position at Senukų prekybos centras, UAB. In 2006, the newspaper was renamed into ‘Verslumo dvasia’ (The Spirit of Entrepreneurship).

The publication had a complex and important objective of uniting the employees at Senukai companies and their partners in other regions: help the owners, managers introduce themselves, the goals and techniques in the corporate community, help everyone feel the shared spirit, learn about the recent developments in the trade network as well as relevant business-related issues in the country, changes on the market, share work experience, be happy about other colleagues’ achievements, joint celebrations, simply express own attitude on the subjects that are important to everyone.

The variety of topics has been increasing with each year, which has been prompted by the improving mutual communication and intensive development of Senukai trade network, as well as rapidly growing staff. An important niche among the mundane topics has been dedicated to the topics of human consciousness, adequate mutual relationships, cultivation of civic consciousness, formation of the environment favourable for personal and community growth, which have encouraged to explore deeper not only the subtleties of own profession, corporate communication, but also the existential issues, principles shared by all the humans, spiritual principles.

Since 2017, the newspaper is published in a digital format and circulated within the company.