Today, students and teachers are capable of establishing the connection to each other when they feel not only the vibrations of a feeling mind that are spread by one’s own soul, but also the feelings experienced by others. It is not until they start sensing each other’s feelings, start to attain the state of the soul of the feeling mind in their consciousness, and subconsciousness, and the difficult-to-realize point beyond the subconscious, that they will be able to open the doors to each other.

The human realizes the world through consciousness, but changes the world in his subconsciousness, often not realizing this himself – he utters the words as the feeling and the mind are interacting, subsequently performing the respective actions and internalizing the consequences of those actions, constantly making conclusions in his subconsciousness, until he gradually embraces an even clearer feeling of awareness in the state of his soul.

Although the body of the Earth suffers and breathes with difficulties, we continue sucking and polluting, so that we could only act as we wish and multiply, fighting for a spot at the source of life, spreading the bacteria of egoism in the wounds we have made ourselves! We should look back – the food of the Earth and the air of the Heaven feed, raise and enhance us! It is high time we learn about our Mother Earth and accept all parts of the Elements comprising the life of this world lovingly!

Every year, the particles of organic bodies of those who have completed their existence in this world and the DNA code formed by the spirit of their souls, enter the structure of water, soil and air. The entire substance becomes a part of the biomass of the Earth, as the common value of the human state, together with the experience accumulated by the spirit of his life, has permeated every molecule of the biological organism.

Our current realization has been formed by adjustment of the inner desire under the condition of constant change of activity of the mind cultivated by the soul, by actively and sensitively responding to the processes of unstoppable change taking place in the world. This change of the subtle and material world taking the form of new conclusions made in our souls is experienced newly by us either through feelings or mechanically, when we use the instincts brought to this life from the past and that are turned into thoughts, actions, and, then, again, into desires or consciously realized feelings of a higher order.

Symbols which have reached us from the past and the patterns represented in those symbols are just the reflection of the evolution of the spirit of soul, which continuously changes the forms of its expression. Having understood certain patterns, we discover new patterns, which are even more perfect – this is the nature of refinement of the spirit of a human’s soul (our daily bread). Every time, having accumulated the necessary amount of the new notion realized afresh (by the feeling mind) in the consciousness of the feeling and the mind, we turn our consciousness – like an hourglass – upside down for the sake of new awareness; only patterns usually change at a pace that is different from the pace that we live our daily lives at – as soon as we have fully consciously realized the cosmic time, we start noticing the universal change of patterns of the world as well.

Prioritization of any human creation over life is the wrong path. By choosing a priority, we choose the spirit to serve. If we become attached to and worship an artefact created by a human, we slow down the evolution of our feeling mind. The only way to cultivate a fully conscious spirit of divinity is to use our mind continuously and to the fullest, so that we could experience the spirit of the heavenly and earthly world in oneness of unity, prioritizing the divine harmony that is full of the spirit of the feeling mind. We communicate with the divine spirit and guide our souls along the right path in cultivating the concept of divinity in us by building harmony created by Heaven and Earth in this world. And this harmony is among us and is in every life.

Why do day and night, wind, rain, flora and other manifestations of the natural Elements seem to us to be stable, while our bodies that have the consciousness cultivated by the feeling mind seem so mistrustful and unstable to us? It is probably because our consciousness is still incapable of realizing that the birth and death cycles of the human body are a part of the eternal change of the world’s Elements, Heaven and Earth, creating – unconsciously – the spirit of oneness of unity. It is because of oneness of unity of the mutual interaction among different Elements that humans have the chance to be born in organic bodies that live and feel.

Every ‘Self’ has to be in Heaven or on Earth by free will. A free, conscious right of determination to be born stems from the intention of the spirit accumulated in the molecular structures, the intention which has formed in previous lives, while the place of birth is deter­mined by the desires accumulated by the soul throughout our lives.

Everything taken by a soul from this world as a spiritual state is an eternal asset. It is impossible to take a vision formulated in the material world directly to the subtle spiritual world, because creations of imagination never stop changing in the process of development of the desire of an egoistic mind, and feelings also evolve in the process of growth of the spirit of soul. The spirit of soul, the same as an oak, develops in the specific time required for growth, and a seed stays in the darkness of soil for as long as is needed for it to sprout and grow roots.