Vibrations of substances of energy of different subtlety – of the subtle soul and material body – come together in the human. In other words, the energies that bring together the spirit of the heavenly and earthly elements interact with each other, forming the spirit of a human’s – God’s child’s – body according to the law of interaction between the subtle (heavenly) and material (earthly) worlds.

The spirit of body revolves in every human’s individualist world, in the eternal change of his feeling mind, strengthening the spirit of universal awareness through the growing awareness of the general constitution of the world. This is what comprises the world of a human’s soul and body filled with spiritual and material (heavenly and earthly) relationships in the cross of eternal change (revolving under the figure-eight trajectory) – in the human, in God’s child.

The cross of change following the figure-eight trajectory is comprised of the humans who realize the heavenly and earthly law differently and spread the light of new awareness from the energy developing at the intersection between the feeling and the mind. In this energy circulating vertically between the heavenly and earthly spirit and in the horizontal change of differences between all humans’ qualities, the spirit of a new state of feeling mind emerges at the intersection between opinions of the whole of humanity and newly realized knowledge.