The book Spirit of Entrepreneurship

The spirit of entrepreneurship is defined not only by a business process or theoretical knowledge, but also management of human desires, aspiration to unite other people’s and own states for a common goal. It is also defined by an untamed curiosity, wish to tackle each and every situation not only for the sake of profit (while avoiding greater difficulties), but also to gain new knowledge which is necessary for implementation of the visions of a better life.
In the end, our world never stops changing: rules and procedures, science, management keep improving, people keep dying and being reborn, bringing the attractions to the unimplemented visions stemming from the desires of the past. Becoming attached to certain material objects or any stereotypical reasoning for a long time is therefore devastating. Our consciousness should be absorbing the knowledge which is bestowed upon us by those who are ahead of us, no matter whether these are young people of a new generation, some prominent figures or communities. We should apply the knowledge we receive to implementation of own goals insofar as they correspond to our visions, reserving the freedom for ourselves to develop more promising methodologies.

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Symbols in ‘The Spirit of Entrepreneurship’: a few moments

I have been asked by the readers about the meaning of the symbols used in the book. The symbols are the laws which have been captured in the symbols.
The Earth is the huge laboratory for practical tasks. All symbols are mere tools helping us understand the level of our states, and we therefore should not be serving them.
‘The Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ contains 10 symbols representing the stages of development of human soul. Both a single human and the humanity in general are subject to the same laws of evolution. Each living organism, such as the human, family, company, country, need to make it down the same development path and go through the same states.

The first symbol is a white dot in the darkness – the root of human soul. A soul without a human body propelled by the desires it has not implemented in the past vigorously attempts to come into the world. No soul has come into a body without having a desire.

The second symbol is the human referring to himself as the One. This is the personality already formed and having attained the state of awareness. As soon as this state has been attained, the previous conflict with those around him who usually educate him eventually dissipates and turns into an inner conflict.

The third symbol is the human who is trying to find agreement with himself. This state is characterised by the series of questions, such as ‘What do I want? Who am I to become? What shall I study and work? How will I live and with whom?’ By dealing with these questions, the human eventually builds the realisation of the inner state of his soul. This is the state of the human who experiences constant conflict and seeks to find a consensus with himself.

The forth symbol is the circle – the human who has escaped the state of conflict. The soul and the body are all one. Words ‘This is my decision’ are the result of his mind and feelings. He consciously realizes the responsibility for even the most minor actions of his body which is now tuned up, and recognizes his whole activity as the indispensable harmony of concord between the body and the soul, which he often refers to as the conscience. It is only having reconciled with himself that the human starts turning to the world around him and observing whether he is in conflict with it or not. It is important for him to make sure that the inner agreement is not in conflict with the interests of the surrounding world and society. A new conflict starts emerging inside: having realized his dependence on the environment, he is to seek harmony with it.

The fifth symbol is the pyramid – the human (physical and inner Self) realising the importance of seeking harmony with everything around him. The human depends on the air, water, food. It is the conflict with the environment that leads him to the recognition that the place – the Earth where he lives – is to be respected. In seeking harmony with the environment, the human decides on the fields to learn and study, his occupation. The conflict emerging inside impels him to identify the foundations of his material life.

The sixth symbol is the square. The human exploring his cornerstones. At this stage, life implies the obligation to find the field of activity, create the material house. It consists of the science, activity, art, and secular sanctuaries, ideological institutions which provide motivation. However, as soon as it has been created, a new conflict is faced – to maintain the equilibrium between all fields of the house, the human needs to act continuously and consistently.

The seventh symbol is the star. This is the state of movement, work, activity. In his activities, the human feels the lack of equilibrium very soon. Pushed by the conflict, he searches for harmony in his material world. If he works too much, he soon becomes exhausted, but if he works too little, he fails to achieve the goal. The human seeks harmony both at work and at home as well as in his body, and therefore aspires for harmony (the golden middle) in his entire movement.

The eighth symbol is the hexagon. As soon as the house of this world is brought into balance and an equilibrium is maintained, sooner or later, the following question emerges: ‘Why does this constant process takes place?’ The human starts searching for the meaning behind the actions in his life. He experiences the need to specify the highlights of his spiritual life. By analyzing own actions and searching for the meaning of his existence on the Earth, the human discovers the greatest values of this stage of evolution. He discovers the Wisdom that impels him to start acting. He finds the justest solution (Justice) that he always aspires for. Backed by the wisdom and the just solution, he finds the Faith and then becomes full of Love to that clear process. By performing this kind of analysis of himself, the human eventually builds his spiritual house and acknowledges it. He finds himself within the figure eight, the harmony. This is the preparation for one of the hardest states of development of a soul – relentless aspiration for equilibrium, unity among the physical and spiritual houses.

The ninth symbol: during the previous period of evolution, the hexagram level cornerstones were sufficient for the human. Some humans are still satisfied with the equilibrium of this stage. However, as soon as his consciousness has expanded, the human starts feeling the need for the values which would be understood more clearly, simply, and deeply, the values which comprise the spiritual house of humanity. In the end, unification of wisdom, justice, faith and love into the harmonious oneness brings the success of growth to the humans.
It is only after the long period of reconciliation that the human – as a complex instrument which never stops creating and materializing his visions under the hourglass principle – starts using the eight values united by this figure of harmony and comprising the present material and spiritual house in various situations.  This is how we make our way to harmony by improvement.

The tenth symbol: in the beginning, these are only the moments that haunt us, same as emergence of this book. As soon as I have united the moments and started looking to the future, I have succeeded to confer the state that we aspire for. If other people manage to unite those moments as the moments which are necessary in the mundane life, our life will inevitably start becoming brighter.  When these principles are embraced by the majority, the humanity will see the spiritual light which brings us closer to God. The more people embrace these principles with their souls, the sooner and the easier it will be to embrace them for those who understand less, those who feel very strong living in the house of material values (the sphere) only.

There are a lot of people who, having entered the spiritual house and encountered own weakness, fall into despair. Some of them then return to the material sphere saying: ‘A single life is not enough to deal with it.’ This is a wrong decision, because no one can change the innate property of the soul – to evolve as the days replace the nights, the light replaces the darkness. Having felt the spiritual hunger, we will not be able to eliminate it in the world of objects. This is the unchangeable law, and we are too small to change the laws. It is much better to acknowledge them and become the powerful oneness which seeks to spread the light of harmony.

This is how we move to more subtle states, more subtle worlds and spheres. This is the mechanism of human acknowledgement of oneself in action. And this is the way the cycle is completed. After certain people, certain civilizations have passed, they are replaced by others. The human leaves the entire knowledge accumulated by him on the Earth. He takes away only what the soul is able to possess without having a thought – the state of soul. It carries the human’s imprinted instincts, habits, presentiment, intuition. Having entered a body in a new life, the human maintains this subtlety of his soul. He has everything that cannot be calculated by our rational minds. This subtlety is reflected by the level of development of human soul.

Seldom do we give a thought about the sacrifice that the human community had to make for us to be able to seek success using common effort and in unity. Ideological orders used to bring conflict or unity into human relationships, but the difference is becoming smaller today. Our small country is soon to face the great time of tests. Will we be able to live in harmony by staying within the economic community? Survival is determined by closeness of our souls rather than the territories that our ancestors sacrificed their lives for. This is exactly why I am so amazed by entrepreneurship holding the spirit of unification. This is probably the only ‘disease’ that You are happy to have. When we have this ‘disease’, we proudly give our spirit of entrepreneurship to the society and are happy to be useful for others. In dealing with material issues, we feel our souls unifying and forming the shared spirit. This is a miracle and it enchants majority of businessmen and representatives of other layers.

I strongly believe that trade has approach the doorstep of the step which is the most precious to humanity. And the true unification is to take place only when, driven by inner need, people unite into the spiritual state of souls without any negotiations. Today, we are still unifying in the spirit of entrepreneurship. The most amazing in this spirit is the path towards the state of soul, which will bring the minds of humanity together, as soon as we feel the value of unity.

We see how majority of people who move intensively towards becoming closer to each other have this disease of entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, as we encounter the aspiration for profit at each step, and this aspiration has particular effect on our survival, we should ask ourselves: ‘What is present in our lives in the largest amounts?’ We are witnessing the entrepreneurship, which has permeated human lives so deeply, has almost replaced religion in certain countries: having occupied not only our physical bodies, but souls as well, it subdues increasingly subtle layers of our organisms. Having entered into this state of entrepreneurship, we very often become dependent on instincts. This is why we need inner guiding principles which direct our souls (which otherwise often remains in the position of an orphan) towards improvement. Without spiritual growth, guided by the bodily needs only, we risk ending up dehumanized.

When developing a business, we should simultaneously seek profit and spiritual development in the whole world. We should seek the equilibrium between own body and soul, interacting with each other in a better way, raising the general level of society. We should be improving this, or we will continue extending the distance between us while seeking profit and individual survival. I hope that, today, the greater part of humanity is capable of realizing – without any revolutions, strikes, horrors of war – that we all are the members of a single family.

This means that all of us who write and teach must put all our efforts into making sure that Christ speaks about the relevant aspects of communication principles which people can relate to by directing the reader in a more simple and accessible way. These communication principles can be used as the guiding path for people towards more promising ways of interaction with the totality so that they could come closer to the Most High. We must respect Christ’s truths not because God’s Son wouldn’t have done without respect, but because we, the humans, are unable to establish connection with the vibrations spread by God’s Son’s principles without love and respect. This is why Christ, while being the King, sought to first meet ordinary people rather than visit temples or kings.

We, the writers, must confer everything at the right time and in a comprehensive way which the human can relate to. There cannot be any coercion in this process. This is the same as a fruit, which needs to grow until the time of harvesting comes. An apple picked from a tree at a wrong time may cause illness. A high-level technology relating to human life principles which has been presented at a wrong time leads to emergence of the Pharisees and dividing the humanity into castes. This is probably the reason why, during certain periods in history, the ideas presented in books at a wrong time were either burnt or hidden for a very long time until the proper time for their birth comes.

Implementation of life principles has given rise to sciences, religions which we may witness being used as guidelines for people who often distort them according to own understanding. Some of them do it consciously, others – unconsciously. We therefore should not be repeating the Crucifixion mistakes, but rather work and put efforts by learning from those mistakes, so that we could utter the words that the soul of humanity is ready to embrace at the right time and in the appropriate manner.

The soul of humanity avidly accumulates the heavenly and earthly experience and should be very careful when establishing the new states which we have experienced and embraced. These states are right principles which are becoming established in the mundane life of the earthly world, and this process of improvement never stops. However, if the accumulated experience no longer fits into the soul, and when it spreads the knowledge into the world around it, we must watch carefully, attempting to sense whether that subtle thread between the heavenly and earthly world remains intact and maintains the connection that leads to oneness of the Most High.

Augustinas Rakauskas
(article published in the newspaper Respublika 01-02-2003)