Success of life on Earth depends on the link between the conscious and subconscious of our souls, on the level of development of beyond the subconscious of all of humanity, which incites the desire in us to be conscious, harmoniously developed creatures, capable of making positive changes in any part of the organism of the galaxy. Any conscious, although not tangible to the world of our galaxy, could accept the creatures which have developed the universal collective consciousness of the spirit of soul on Earth. We can learn to harmoniously live and act together as a single eternally developing divine spirit of soul that realizes the integrity only by interacting with each other strictly and with dedication according to the divine patterns of the universal feeling mind. This way we can develop our consciousness to the degree that would cause the spirit of oneness of the feeling mind, based on the divine wisdom, justice, faith and love, to develop, enabling us to realize the essence of our own existence with clear consciousness and to give meaning to it not only on Earth, but in the entire galaxy as well.