The souls that undergo conscious transformation have the greatest effect on the spirit of soul of the body of the galaxy. Such souls are the first to recognize their personal spiritual state. Such a spirit of the conscious feeling mind helps them, in future lives, to develop the values that become common. Even if not formalized by the rules established by individual humans, the spirit of common values naturally acts everywhere according to the Divine pattern of interaction between the forces of nature in oneness of unity. The spirit of galaxy responding to actions by these humans comprises the spirit of common divine vibrations of souls that helps the less prepared souls to perform transmutation in their respective state, so that their spirit could attain a higher level.


The state of the spirit of a human’s soul that goes through the human life between Heaven and Earth determines the vibrations that are spread by it into the environment, refining the state of spirit of the eternal soul of the world that belongs to us all. By receiving new vibrations of the spirit of soul, the galaxy, in turn, always maintains a connection with the souls experienced by the humans who have been newly born and with the states of humanly creative activity by the body.

The feelings experienced while feeling the globality in the organism of our galaxy form a new quality of realization of the spirit of soul, that we embrace with the all-encompassing feeling mind, performing transmutation in our own state. This is how the soul continuously reflects the state accumulated in past lives while newly internalizing life at the present moment in a physical body, in order to achieve an even more perfect state in the future. The quality of the spirit of a human’s soul changes continuously in this process of interaction in the body of the galaxy.


The law of both birth and death is the same and corresponds to the words ‘Like in Heaven, so on Earth’. It is related to the constant change in the individual realization of the state of the world that is newly created in a conscious way or instinctively by the subtle world and the tangible matter every single time.

Every ‘Self’ has to be in Heaven or on Earth by free will. A free, conscious right of determination to be born stems from the intention of the spirit accumulated in the molecular structures, the intention which has formed in previous lives, while the place of birth is deter­mined by the desires accumulated by the soul throughout our lives.