Excerpt from a book

People sometimes think that it is enough to write down the accumulated knowledge for others to read and practice it. It is, however, a misconception, for the knowledge also needs to be passed along in the spirit of feeling that has accumulated in the state of our souls. This enhances the spirit of the feeling mind of the entire society that is still difficult to comprehend for many humans. If the reader or listener experiences a reaction of rejection when receiving the knowledge, it is a sign of the lack of feeling that has led the human who is passing on the knowledge to a realization of the experienced feeling. Nonetheless, the mere fact that the human is reading or listening is important already. The information that raises curiosity helps us wake up from the stagnation that builds on the stereotypes, from a state of comfort. Curiosity is the sign that people are open to new things that help remove obsolete stereotypes. If their inner state had not been ready, they would not have been reading or listening.

A human who seeks a higher level of consciousness is driven by new knowledge and starts experiencing and realizing a difficult process of awakening of his soul from ignorance. The old ‘I’ misguided by stereotypes is an obstacle on the path towards the state of a new perception. It is therefore natural that ‘I’ resists new information that puts the human out of his element. As long as the human continues living in his body, he is always between Heaven and Earth, always moving towards a more perfect spirit.

We have been given the right of choice, so let’s use it! Let’s be the free creators of our own destinies, let’s improve the spirit radiated by our free spirit! This is the path towards a better everyday life for us and for people around us, and the path towards happier generations in the future. I strongly believe that we will face difficulties or enjoy happier periods in our lives, and we should not put our destinies into the hands of other people who do not feel and do not understand.

From the chapter The New Generation