The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

The spirit of entrepreneurship is defined not only by a business process or theoretical knowledge, but also management of human desires, aspiration to unite other people’s and own states for a common goal. It is also defined by an untamed curiosity, wish to tackle each and every situation not only for the sake of profit (while avoiding greater difficulties), but also to gain new knowledge which is necessary for implementation of the visions of a better life.
In the end, our world never stops changing: rules and procedures, science, management keep improving, people keep dying and being reborn, bringing the attractions to the unimplemented visions stemming from the desires of the past. Becoming attached to certain material objects or any stereotypical reasoning for a long time is therefore devastating. Our consciousness should be absorbing the knowledge which is bestowed upon us by those who are ahead of us, no matter whether these are young people of a new generation, some prominent figures or communities. We should apply the knowledge we receive to implementation of own goals insofar as they correspond to our visions, reserving the freedom for ourselves to develop more promising methodologies.