To reader

I hope that using book THE GLOBAL SPIRIT OF THE FEELING MIND and the information on this website will guide you in your efforts to empower the organism of the world with the universal spirit of wisdom, justice, faith, and love not only on Earth but in the entire Universe as well.

This book contains just a fraction of the knowledge that sooner or later will be recognized by every human.
Following the insights laid down in this book, the readers, who manage to discover a new approach towards themselves and the world, should always remember that any knowledge, whatever it might be, does not deprive them of their freedom of choice. In the end, every human is left to decide on the kind of life to lead. Living according to our own understanding of the spirit of a feeling mind, we all shape, and are shaped by, the life of the whole of mankind.

                                                                                                                                                                          Augustinas Rakauskas