There is always an interaction between the tangible, visible world and the invisible, subtle world. In this duality, the third develops and is referred to by us as the good of the Holy Spirit or the evil of the evil spirit.


We analyse the patterns of the material world that act in the vis­ible elements, the same as we do in human works. The words ‘As in Heaven, so on Earth’ tell us that the same laws apply to the world of principles of the spirit, and, in order to change anything in the state of the spirit of our own soul, we must employ these laws.

During our life on Earth and by employing mutual relationships, differences in thinking, and acting in individual areas, we get the result that we have internalized and created by the efforts of the feeling mind mobilized by all humans together. In human relationships, in the entire process of joint creative activity, as the majority are performing their actions unconsciously, the result that we refer to as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experience develops. This experience contributes the most to the materialization of a creation that has emerged in the concord between the feeling and the mind into something greater and better, expanding human consciousness. The subtle world of feelings never stops interacting with the principles of the world of the earthly analytical mind. Hence, two worlds merge in a single process.


All of us – the old and the young – are students at the school of life. At this school – while living between Heaven and Earth, consciously and unconsciously learning to create various things – we aspire for the divine state. To be capable of expressing something truly divinely significant in our creations, we must realize that we are dual creatures – physical and spiritual. In the state of oneness of these qualities, there is the third – holy or evil – quality of spirit that we raise and that refines us, as God’s children, continuously with the help of the feeling mind. Both parts are equally important for a soul living on Earth, and the spirit that brings them into oneness of unity gives meaning to the abilities to feel and think. Without the spirit, a soul would not benefit anything from neither the feelings experienced nor the mind.

By interacting with each other, the feeling and the mind awaken the life of the divine spirit sleeping in the human soul. In the course of interaction of the soul with the subtle world based on the divine laws, the quality of the spirit of dual trinity is enhanced.

The states emerging from the interaction between the human feeling and mind and the outcome of its contact with the universal divine spirit of the world beyond the subconscious represent the qualitatively new state of a human, God’s child.

The new state of notion continues emerging from the interaction between the newly discovered state of the feeling mind and universal spirit. This process will continue until humanity realizes that there is an integral, divine, all-uniting, global spirit of the feeling mind that has to operate according to the divine laws that the world of the heavenly and earthly Elements is subject to on Earth.