The radio program The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

The show ‘The Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ was first aired in Lithuania on 26 January 2007 on radio station ‘Žinių radijas’ (The News Radio). Augustinas Rakauskas, the author of the show, has mentioned that he was promoted to create the show by the realization that this country needs an institution which would undertake the task of developing and improving a more global notion of the state of the spirit of entrepreneurship in every human’s soul. The author believes that the show can awaken listeners’ spirit of entrepreneurship, inspire to analyse own feeling and realize what happens in their lives and why.
There are a lot of familiar spirits living in our society: the spirits of national identity, science, sports, diligence, as well as the spirits of disagreement, jealousy, mistrust in politicians, etc. We also have the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is present wherever there is some action, wherever there is the aspiration for material and immaterial benefit. This is the spirit of activity which brings the creators, traders and buyers, manufacturers and consumers into oneness. The process of unification in human community gives rise to the spirit of unity, tolerance, which harmonizes the relationships by means of the goals which are beneficial for others and oneself.
Nevertheless, even the misfortunes related to human health and survival of the entire nation turn into business opportunities and benefit in our country. Majority of posts intended to defend national interests at the Lithuanian authorities are taken by informal business owners who hide personal or group intentions under public interests. How can the authorities and business find a consensus, if they are the competitors?
How is it possible to create harmonious mutual relations?
What values lead to creation of a harmonious society and how?
What principles should be follow in order to expect success?
The show is prepared at Kaunas studio of ‘Žinių radijas’ and broadcast by ‘Žinių radijas’ every Friday, replayed on Saturdays.

Team at the Spirit of Entrepreneurship:

Ingrida Stankevičienė, host, journalist

Ingrida Stankevičienė, host, journalist

Edita Marciulevičienė, editor, host

Marciulevičienė, editor, host

Vesta Milerienė, website administrator

Vesta Milerienė, website administrator

Erikas Daškus, audio producer
audio producer

All shows The Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Lithuanian of ‘Žinių radijas’ are available for listening at any time online, in the show ARCHIVE.

Listen to the call song of the show, ‘The Soldier’

‘The Soldier’ (lyrics – Augustinas Rakauskas, performer – Vytautas Juozapaitis)

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