Although the body of the Earth suffers and breathes with difficulties, we continue sucking and polluting, so that we could only act as we wish and multiply, fighting for a spot at the source of life, spreading the bacteria of egoism in the wounds we have made ourselves! We should look back – the food of the Earth and the air of the Heaven feed, raise and enhance us! It is high time we learn about our Mother Earth and accept all parts of the Elements comprising the life of this world lovingly!

Since ancient times, humans have been trying to express themselves using the spirit of soul accumulated by all of humanity. From its depths, we draw everything that can satisfy the desire of aspirations of our souls and bodies. But it is quite seldom that we express gratitude to the spirit of the heavenly and earthly feeling mind of humanity that cultivates the creativity of the human soul, for we are still focused on the spirit of feelingless, limited individualism.

Material objects do not give back the energy of the spirit of the feeling mind given to them. Loving material objects does not provide us with the energy of feedback that carries life in the way that Mother Earth does, and we become depleted of energy too early. We usually start blaming the environment around us, but the reason lies within us – the reason is how we realize our relationship with the life that surrounds us on this Earth.


To not become depleted, but rather fill ourselves with energy in this life, we have to learn to accept a new notion from the Divine spirit in concord of the state of harmony, in selfless mutual exchange (the same as the divine laws of change full of material and spiritual vibrations act). It is only by having internalized the laws of compassion, support to each other generated by the natural elements and feeling mind that we can be the happy souls that spread the divine spirit on Heaven and Earth. Mutual interaction means supporting each other, being together in oneness of unity and provides energy to raise to a much higher, more subtle level according to the divine laws of oneness of unity. We will not become tired, if we live according to these laws, for we will not lose anything and, to the contrary, we will discover an even greater abundance. By spreading wisdom, justice, faith and love created and continuously enhanced by ourselves, we will be gifted with the material and heavenly vital energy full of the spirit of generosity of harmony of the divine oneness of unity that enhances the spirit of soul in the heavenly and earthly world, the spirit that we call our spirit of soul of humanity.