Symbols which have reached us from the past and the patterns represented in those symbols are just the reflection of the evolution of the spirit of soul, which continuously changes the forms of its expression. Having understood certain patterns, we discover new patterns, which are even more perfect – this is the nature of refinement of the spirit of a human’s soul (our daily bread). Every time, having accumulated the necessary amount of the new notion realized afresh (by the feeling mind) in the consciousness of the feeling and the mind, we turn our consciousness – like an hourglass – upside down for the sake of new awareness; only patterns usually change at a pace that is different from the pace that we live our daily lives at – as soon as we have fully consciously realized the cosmic time, we start noticing the universal change of patterns of the world as well.

In our consciousness, symbols usually reflect the visions, the implementation of which requires more than a single lifetime of a hu­man – of God’s child. However, travelling from generation to generation, materializing – by virtue of the essence of symbols – the values created by the feeling mind of the souls that are close to us, we can experience the reality of values created by us in the past.