Every year, the particles of organic bodies of those who have completed their existence in this world and the DNA code formed by the spirit of their souls, enter the structure of water, soil and air. The entire substance becomes a part of the biomass of the Earth, as the common value of the human state, together with the experience accumulated by the spirit of his life, has permeated every molecule of the biological organism.

Molecules charged in the state of spirit of our dual body are subject to transmutation during interaction with the air, encountering various chemical substances contained in various organisms, and they become distributed across the surface layer of the globe formed of the viscous ether, filling its surface with the spirit of desires and feelings of various consistency. This spirit spreads the vibrations that a living human body is incapable of sensing physically. Nonetheless, this spirit still influences the state of a human’s feeling mind either directly or indirectly. This has been going on for as long as the conscious human species has existed, manifesting itself in all organic forms that are accessible to the human spirit, spreading the vibrations of constantly renewing life.