Our current realization has been formed by adjustment of the inner desire under the condition of constant change of activity of the mind cultivated by the soul, by actively and sensitively responding to the processes of unstoppable change taking place in the world. This change of the subtle and material world taking the form of new conclusions made in our souls is experienced newly by us either through feelings or mechanically, when we use the instincts brought to this life from the past and that are turned into thoughts, actions, and, then, again, into desires or consciously realized feelings of a higher order. We create mind-borne, and then – linguistic constructs (values) that eventually turn into stereotypes. In this world, we influence each other through the vibrations of the words we utter. We become enveloped in acoustic vibrations of words that penetrate the depths of a soul, where they rebound as an echo. We suffer or feel joy when internalizing them, this way we are continuously refining the spirit of our own soul with the feeling mind.