The Human – A Trace of the Divine Thought

Harmony between the subtle world and solid matter gives birth to the body.

Heaven and Earth cultivate the soul in the heat of motion created by activity.

Language of the harmony of soul unites everyone into the light of oneness.

Oh human being, glow and spread the light of soul into the world by living freely in the harmony of Elements!

Oh human being, do know that the soul holds the power of joint movement of heavenly and earthly elements.

A body born in darkness cannot hold the eternal growth in­duced by the powers concentrated in the body by the soul.

After the soul has abandoned the bodily particles, the spirit of lifetime deeds remains in the world.

The light concentrated in the unity between Heaven and Earth never betrays humanity.

The spirit of creativity is set free by the human spirit present in this world that has united the desires as Elements in the body.

It heads to the divine existence by spreading light in the har­mony of motion.

The Human being is God’s trace of the past thought that fol­lows behind him.