The sculptural composition of the spirit of oneness of unity called ‘Children of the Sun’ (at the Harmony Park, Vazgaikiemio village, Prienai district) reflects how we, humans, seek to embrace the spiri­tual state of a physically intangible, subtle world with our souls, how we grow the universal, divine state of oneness of unity from the cen­tre of the spirit of the fundamental values in our state, and it encour­ages everyone to feel how important it is to bring the spiritual values which have emerged in the process of interaction of the feeling mind to the space accessible to the whole of humanity.
The base of the composition symbolizes the planet and current level of development of humanity, the key spiritual (wisdom, justice, faith, love) and material (science, activity, art (beauty) and sanctu­aries) values. The ‘Children’s of the Sun’ sight is turned to the light carried by the spirit of unity among these values.

Wisdom, justice, faith and love stem from the spirit of unity among the humans and they guide us to the light carried by that which is heavenly and earthly of all of humanity symbolized by the cross, and this light emerges from harmonious relationships between humans, when they continuously and consciously seek higher-level realization.

‘Children of the Sun’ invites you to realize the essence of the spirit of the continuously acting symbol of Heaven and Earth, the trinity of the dual world, the parts of which expand each other, giving rise to the spirit of the realization that has not been learnt yet. This symbol also encourages us to explore how important duality, which enables us to make choices in the world of the spirit of light and darkness, is.
The small sign of the Sun on the Cross of Heaven and Earth sym­bolizes the spirit of values based on the forces of nature, which are familiar to all religions, generated by the Solar system that used to be worshipped in the distant past and is dwelling in the human. The spirit of twelve rays illuminates the path for the human to the divine existence that, in the spirit of his soul, develops the effort to aspire to the light of the spirit of soul that is above the bodily might that is reflected by the spirit accumulated by the bodies of the twelve disci­ples and twelve heavenly bodies (in the zodiac sign constellations).

Four couples of rays comprising the Sun on the Cross (wisdom-sci­ence, justice-activity, faith-art, love-sanctuary) reflect the system of values of the eighth level of development. The spirit of the ninth level of development stems from the spirit of heavenly and earthly values. The Aspiration of humanity – the ninth level, where God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit merge into the light of oneness of unity, is reflected by three trinities at the ends of the cross. (…)
The composition ‘Children of the Sun’ is comprised of four fig­ures, because a single human who has no connection to others, is too weak to realize the essence of life, the meaning of his own existence, and the goal of his own life while in the body of the world. We can realize how to consciously create our own future by communicat­ing with each other, uniting, and exploring the spirit of oneness of unity in order to attain a higher level of consciousness of the spirit of the soul and body. The unification of humans and communities of different poles, sensing each other (touching the palms) shows that mutual relationships based on wisdom, justice, faith and love, which give rise to the spirit of oneness of unity, are necessary in the same way as the rays of the Sun are. Only all together, standing firmly on the Earth, knowing the patterns of our existence in life, maintaining the connection with the physical and subtle world of the divine spirit can we attain the 9th level of development of the spirit of soul. (…)

All of humanity is learning and rushes to become the creator of its own future, so that it could fully consciously create its own fate. Everyone should care about this, because this is a shared goal – to consciously feel the continuous existence of harmony that always creates the conscious feeling of divine spirit in the human’s – God’s child’s – soul.

From the book The Global Spirit Of The Feeling Mind, chapter Children of the Sun