Figure-eight Eternal Change

The state of consciousness of unity among these principles of wisdom, justice, faith and love is where the path of harmonious development lies. This symbol is the intrinsic reflection of the need for harmony in the human soul. By being present in the constant change of feeling and mind, we form the eternal dual Trinity. We, humans, never stop spreading the third – holy or evil – spirit in this earthly world, which, same as the human, is the living organism embodying the organic change. As soon as the values and principles proclaimed by God’s Son are embraced within, the conscious state of realisation of God’s child starts manifesting itself in our souls. The human then sets his soul free from the dependence on the stereotypical principles devised by people and obsolete rules, entering a new sphere which has emerged in the relationship between humanity and the Divine spirit. He then starts building the future of humanity using the divinely wise, proper values full of the spirit of faith and love, always seeking to live in the conscious unity with everything he is to encounter in his life. We should follow the values which are built upon by the whole world. These values are closely interrelated in a way that all others stop existing, if either of them is neglected.